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 The puppies of Ciróházi Kökény and Malomközi Mill were born at 07.06.2011.

4female, 3male, brown-wheit spotty


You can already look at the pictures



  Malomközi Mill


Prize of show:

tsz., ftsz. II. prize winner, HPJ, Europe Dogshow 2008 Junior class prize II., MKSZ HCH, HCH, HGRCH, ROCH, ICH, 33xCAC, 25xBOB, 14xCACIB, 3xRes.CACIB, 3BOG, R.BOG, 2 BOG3, BIS4, World Dogshow 2009 Openclass III., Ch of Ch 2009, Ch of Ch 2010, 2010 FEHOVA the best of vizsla

Price of workscompatition:
KV I. prize, ÖTV I prize, Hortobágy Cup 2009-the best of water work, Hortobágy Cup 2010-III.prize     (Iprize)





   Ciróházi Kökény


    Prize of show: 

 VAV; KV I.; ÖTV I.; FTSZ K., 

Hungaria Champion; Hungaria Junior Champion;2xCACIB; BOB; 4xFGY; 9xCAC; 4xHPJ; Res.CACIB; aktív vadász/active hunting




Preview of picture in folder B Litter